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Please visit my webinar page at to learn about my Income Tax webinar designed specifically for you and your international students and scholars.

We at Gary R. Engler & Company CPA’s have been helping International Students & Scholars with their Nonresident Income Tax Returns for 20 years.

Gary has presented the Income Taxes Sessions at numerous Nafsa Regional conferences.  Please contact Gary if you would like a copy of the latest Powerpoint presented at a Nafsa Conference.

We have been presenting seminars & webinars for nonresident aliens at large and small California colleges and Universities and serve as the “Go To” tax consultant to solve the income tax questions of nonresident alien students and scholars. See our Home Page for the current offerings of seminars & webinars

It is amazing that the widely known and nationally advertised tax software programs cannot  prepare a nonresident alien tax return.  Neither Turbo Tax® nor H & R Block at Home™ will prepare the form 1040NR.  Even worse, NRA’s can complete the wrong tax returns using these packages and not even know it!  Unfortunately, the NRA doesn’t even know that filing a US tax return as though he were a resident has probably caused him/her to violate the provisions of his visa!  One web accessed nonresident tax website prepares both federal and state tax returns, but the students confidential information is sent overseas for preparation in other countries - not the optimal situation in our present identity theft environment.

Many Universities and Colleges provide their International Students & Scholars with specialized tax preparation software to prepare the Federal tax return.   No tax preparer will sign this form.  Its accuracy depends on correct input by the student/scholar.  No tax professional will review it for acccuracy.  In addition, the international student or scholar may still need to complete a Nonresident State Income tax return.  Most international students and scholars may not realize that they are nonresidents for state tax return purposes. 

We are offering a professionally prepared, CPA reviewed & signed, low fee service to prepare both Federal and State Income tax returns.  For those students that have already prepared their federal nonresident return,  we can then prepare the appropriate State Tax Returns for all US States with a state tax filing requirement.   Of course we also provide the same professional service to prepare all US and State tax returns for either Residents or Nonresidents. 

With our service, the students and scholars (and many residents for that matter) do not have to figure out any complex software or complex tax questions.  We prepare the tax returns in my office.  The client completes our Tax Organizer, and then uploads that organizer and tax documents (w-2, 1042-s etc) via secure file transfer , and pays us directly bank to bank, and then we do the rest.  To get started send Gary an email.

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