Frequently Asked Questions:


1)      Question:  How does the Live Webinar work?  Answer:  After registration for the webinar, your institution will receive one invitation to view the live webinar.  This means that one internet enabled computer can connect to view the live webinar.  You can connect that computer in an auditorium/large classroom and show the live webinar on large screens. You will need a projector to duplicate the desktop image (of the webinar) onto the large screen.

2)      Question: How does the Recorded Webinar work?  Answer:  Shortly after the completion of the live webinar, your institution’s administrator will receive a link that can be used to view the recorded webinar.  The administrator can distribute that link to the total international student and scholar population at your institution.  Each student and scholar can view the recorded webinar on his/her own computer at his/her leisure, until April 18, 2022.  The recorded webinar will be available 24/7.

3)      Question: Are live questions permitted during the Live Webinar:  Answer: Yes.  Time is provided during the Live Webinar for extensive Questions and Answers.

4)      Question: Are live questions permitted during the Recorded Webinar:  Answer: No.  However, all of the questions and answers addressed during the live webinar will be part of the Recorded Webinar.

5)      Question : Our international population is comprised of 450 international students and scholars.  Can I purchase the 199 individuals option?  Answer: No, the webinar pricing is based on your total international students and scholars population.  In this case you would choose the pricing option that shows 400-699 individuals.  You can make the webinar (both live and recorded) available to all 450 students and scholars.

6)      Question:  We have some specific issues at our Institution that come up all of the time, such as the tax implications of changing status from H-4 to F-1? Or How do Chinese Teacher/Researchers who are US residents for tax purposes claim the tax treaty exemption on form 1040?  Can we ask these questions during the Live Webinar?  Answer:  We allow time for extended question and answer periods during the LIVE webinars.  The above questions, for example, would be appropriate to ask and answer during the  U.S. & STATE NONRESIDENT TAX INFORMATION FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS/SCHOLARS webinar.  If your institution has some specific questions that are very common among your international student and scholar population, please submit the questions several days before the Live Webinar to allow Gary additional time, if needed, to prepare the answer.

7)      Question:  Many of our students and scholars need help preparing their US and State Income Tax Returns. Does your company provide this service?  Answer: Yes.  We have a web based service for basic nonresident and resident US and State income tax returns.  In this service, the student/scholar sends their information to us through our Secure Server.  Then we prepare the tax return and send it back to the student/scholar through our Secure Server, ready to be signed & mailed to the appropriate government.  You can learn more about this service at http://www.englercpa.com/students.html.   Customized tax returns are prepared after we provide a customized quotation to the student/scholar.

8)      Question: What if we can’t or don’t want to offer the live webinar, but we want to offer the recorded webinar to our student/scholar population?  How would that work?  Answer:  Everything would work the same.  Shortly after the Live webinar (which no one at your institution would have attended), your institution’s administrator will receive an email with a link to the Recorded Webinar, which can be distributed to your international population for on demand viewing on any/all internet enabled laptops until April 18, 2022.

9)     Question: Does Gary Engler & Company control the number of individuals at your institution that access either the Live or Recorded Webinar? Answer: No. Gary Engler & Company does not count or restrict the number.  We only require that you report to us during the Registration process the total population of international students & scholars at your institution, and that, when paying, you select the number range of individuals that corresponds with your total population of international students and scholars.  It is an honor system.

10)      Question: How are questions asked during the Live Webinar?  Answer:  Since there would be one person controlling the one computer receiving the webinar, questions from the attendees would be accumulated by that computer person, and the computer person would type those questions and transmit them through the webinar software.  Gary Engler would receive, read, and answer those questions live.


1)      What is your refund policy?  We prepare the tax return based upon the information you provide us.  Once we begin to prepare the tax return, there is no refund available.  You may obtain a refund up until the time we have begun to prepare your tax return, but after we begin the work there is no refund available.  If we make a mistake then we will fix it.  If the information you provide changes after we have begun or completed the return, we will charge an additional fee to fix your return.

2)      Is there someone I can speak with to ask questions before I send in my information and payment?  This tax return service is very low priced for preparing complex nonresident and resident tax returns.  If we provided free consultation before or after the preparation service, we would be forced to raise our prices for everyone.  If you have questions about taxes and how they relate to your situation, you may email the question(s) to gary@englercpa.com and we will review your question(s).  After our review of your questions, we will determine the appropriate fee, if any, to answer your questions.  We will then send you a Paypal invoice.  After you have paid the invoice we will respond to your questions via our secure server. 

3)      How do I get started with having you prepare my tax returns?  For a complete explanation, see our How To Order page. There are a few things to do:  1) Payment: select which tax returns you need us to prepare, and then send the payment via Paypal; 2) complete the Tax Organizer(s)  and sign the Engagement Letter; and 3) upload the Tax Organizer(s), Engagement Letter and your tax forms (w-2, 1042-s, etc.) via secure file transfer.  If you need only a state nonresident tax return, then upload your nonresident federal tax return, as well as the tax organizer, Engagement Letter, and the income documents (w-2, 1042-s, 1099). 

4)      How long will it take to complete my tax returns?  “TAX SEASON” is very short and lots of people file this time of year.  Because of this, you can expect a turnaround of 2-7 working days to get your tax return back to you via our secure server.


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