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I am offering ONE INCOME TAX WEBINAR this tax season (February-April 2023) to assist international student offices & your international students and scholars:

1) US & State Nonresident Tax Information for International Students/Scholars & Advisors. (See WEBINAR I Below)


  • The webinar is for International Students/Scholars & Advisors .
  • This webinar is available for purchase by your institution.
  • The webinar is not designed to be purchased individually by your students and scholars.
  • There is a discounted price option for Advisors attending without students/scholars.

California institutions such as Stanford, Caltech, and Cedars Sinai Medical Center have had me deliver this seminar live to their international populations for years. Please contact me to obtain references. I have turned away many more requests to deliver this live seminar on campus during the busy “tax season.” My solution is to offer this seminar in a webinar format.




  • Students & Advisors gain more knowledge of Income tax concepts & laws affecting International Students & Scholars.
  • Increase compliance with US and State filing requirements by increasing taxpayer knowledge of tax laws.
  • Learn from Gary Engler CPA - a specialist in nonresident alien taxes.
  • Extensive live Q & A session.
  • Gary will use non-technical language to explain the following topics listed below.
Topics Covered:

Students & Scholars & Advisors learn the basics of U.S. income tax filing including:

  • Filing Requirements (Resident vs. Nonresident)
  • Due Dates, Forms, W-2’S, 1042-S, 1099, 8843, 1098-T
  • Substantial Presence Test Explained
  • Income Tax Treaties Explained – Key Benefits
  • Exempt Individual Explained
  • Types of Income – Foreign Source Income
  • Key Differences between Resident & Nonresident taxes


  • Designed as a live webinar with extensive time allowed for Questions & Answers.  Your students & scholars can register & access from home.
  • Offered live on February 15, 2023 (1:00 pm PST).
  • Webinar fee depends on the total population of international students and scholars at your institution. (Advisor only pricing available.)
  • Fee includes live webinar, and unlimited access by ALL of your institution's international students & scholars, after live webinar, to webinar recording until April 18, 2023.
  • See pricing in drop-down menu box below.
  • After your institution has registered & paid, Gary will send you a web link to distribute to your foreign nationals so that they may register individually for the webinar, & then can attend the webinar remotely.
  • Webinar not available for individual student purchase. Only available to institutional customers.
  • Advisor only pricing available if no students/scholars attending webinar or recording.  See price box below.
  • Questions about this or our other Webinars? Visit our FAQ page or email Gary at gary@englercpa.com or call him at 310-440-5557.

Registration Information:

There are two steps to Register:

1) If you have not registered already, Click here to register for the webinar.

2) Pay the webinar fee: Click on the down arrow in the drop-down menu box below (Next to the words "Advisors Only") & select the number of individuals that agrees with your institution's total population of international students & scholars.  If you are an advisor attending the webinar and/or recording without students, then choose "Advisors Only." Then click the "Buy Now" button to pay using Paypal.


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