After You Order


After you place your order the following will happen:

1)      We will prepare the tax return(s) based on the information you have provided to us.

2)      After completion of the tax returns we will send them to you electronically via secure file transfer.  We usually need one week to complete the tax returns.

3)      We plan to electronically file (e-file) all tax returns: You will  authorize us to electronically file (e-file) your tax returns.  To obtain your authorization to e-file, an additional page will be included with your tax return(s) copy that you must sign and return (upload) to us. You should review the tax returns before signing.  We will then e-file your tax returns from our office.  If you choose not to e-file, you need to notify us and we will complete the necessary opt-out pages and resend your tax returns to you for paper filing.  Note that most taxpayers e-file their tax returns because the governments process the tax returns with fewer errors, and tax refunds are processed faster!

In either case, e-filing or paper filing, we will include the simple instructions you need to successfully complete the filing process.  The instructions will also include either an amount that you owe the government as additional tax, or a refund amount that you can expect to receive in the near future from the government.  If you owe additional tax, the instructions will tell you how to send the amount to the government.  If you are to receive a refund, you will receive that refund only after you have filed your tax return with the government.


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