7 Reasons We Can Help You With Your Taxes

1) Gary is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  He has been working closely with internationals for over 20 years.  In fact his international clientele makes up the majority of his tax clients, and his clients come from every continent.

2) Gary has been giving seminars and workshops for years at Universities, Colleges, and Research Centers all over California, helping International Students and Scholars to both understand and prepare their NONRESIDENT AND RESIDENT Income Tax Returns.

3) The income tax preparation service that Gary offers you is both inexpensive, accurate and convenient.  We know how to prepare NONRESIDENT & RESIDENT Income Tax Returns.

4) You can have Gary prepare your tax returns from the comfort of your own home, with no complicated new software to master!  Just upload your tax information to us via secure file transfer.  We’ll prepare your tax returns and download them to you ready for printing and filing with the governments.  Remember, if you are a NONRESIDENT, many of the advertised tax softwares don’t work for you. 

5) If your school already helped you to prepare your US Tax return with a software such as Foreign National Tax Resource, we can prepare your Nonresident State Tax Return.  Just send us your completed US Nonresident tax return (from Glacier or Windstar) and tax information and we will complete the state nonresident tax return.  See the Ordering Page.

6)Why leave your home to find a store front tax preparer in a strip mall and wait hours for your turn to have a tax preparer without the needed international experience try to prepare your NONRESIDENT tax returns?  The price at the store front will not be cheap because it costs a lot to rent retail store space.  Simply upload your information to us on our Secure Server and let us take care of the rest.

7)Don’t forget that we help RESIDENTS too.    Our prices are very competitive with the Retail Store Front Tax services.  We can also help RESIDENTS that are still entitled to Treaty Benefits.  Do you think the store front tax preparer knows about Tax Treaties?


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