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Welcome to the link to the recording of our Tax Information for Foreign National Students and Scholars webinar.  Click here to access the recording.  Happy Tax Season!  Gary

Income Tax Information page for International Students & Scholars

Many International Students and Scholars have no idea what they need to do when it comes to preparing and filing their income tax returns and paying their income taxes to the US and State Governments.  It is a very complex matter to take care of, especially when you are living in a foreign country.  The more people explain the more complex it becomes!

So let’s keep it simple.  If you earn enough money in the US, you are going to need to file tax returns with the US government and probably with the State(s) in which you worked.  Your school has probably provided you with some assistance in figuring out how to prepare these tax returns, or with instructions about where to go to get some help preparing your tax returns, and that is why you have arrived at this web site.

What we offer here is a professionally prepared, CPA signed, low fee tax preparation service to help International Students & Scholars accurately file the correct forms.   Some of you International students and scholars may need to file a Resident tax return because you have been here longer than a certain amount of time. 

Unfortunately, the well known and heavily advertised tax preparation softwares that you can buy online or at the office supply store are of no help to the international student or scholar.  Those softwares, particularly Turbo Tax® nor H & R Block at Home™,  DO NOT prepare the correct forms for Nonresident internationals like you.  Those softwares are designed for US residents. You can struggle through them and it will appear to you that they have got it right, but they don’t.  Nonresident Alien tax returns are just too different from the tax returns that US residents file.  The Forms are different, the tax calculations are different, the deductions are different, and those Software providers are just not set up to help you.  In fact, if a nonresident files a resident tax return using one of those services, you may very well put your visa in jeopardy.   You need to file a US nonresident tax return form 1040 nr. Those services do not support these forms.  For most State purposes you need to file as a nonresident.

With our service, you do not have to figure out any complex software or answer complex tax questions.  We prepare the tax returns in my office.  You complete our Tax Organizer, and then upload that organizer and your tax documents (w-2, 1042-s etc) via secure file transfer, and pay us using Paypal, and then we do the rest.  We try to make it simple.  Please see the Ordering page.

With our service, you don't have to wait in a long line at the local strip mall to have someone lacking experience in Nonresident taxes guess how to prepare your tax returns.   Do you have time to wait while they try to prepare your tax returns?

Please see the Ordering Page.

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